Business Owners Policy

If you need insurance coverage for your business property in addition to liability coverage, an Oklahoma business owner’s policy (BOP) is a great place to start. This package policy is designed for owners of small to medium sized businesses and is typically quite affordable.

Any property that you own as part of your business needs to be a protected asset. Whether the property consists of a building, equipment that is used as part of your operations, raw goods or inventory maintained on-site or completed goods, a BOP will cover these items in the event of a covered cause.

Another great aspect of a business owner’s policy is that it can cover lost revenue in the event that your business is interrupted because of a loss as well as pay for expenses until operations can resume. In some instances, it can take time to get up and running again after a disaster and a BOP provides support in the meantime until you are able to resume your business.

Other types of coverage typically included in a BOP are casualty and liability protection in the event of a product or employee causing harm to an individual; crime insurance to cover robbery, burglary, vandalism, employee theft or embezzlement; and commercial auto coverage for company vehicles.

If you’d like to know how business owner’s coverage could protect your business, contact Tulsa Family Insurance for assistance today. We can walk through your business with you to help you make sure that you have all the bases covered.