Errors & Omissions

Professionals in certain industries are subject to great liability risks. Slight errors or oversight in performing their jobs can cause costly or even dangerous mistakes for their clients. Examples of these types of professionals include accountants, attorneys, doctors, real estate agents, engineers, architects, consultants, and others. Errors and Omissions insurance is a special form of business insurance that can be customized to suit your particular industry. You and your employees may be great candidates for this type of coverage to protect you from risks and exposures inherent to your industry.

Error and Omissions insurance is a vital addition to your regular business owners insurance. It will cover most judgments, settlements, and costs associated with a service you provided, or failed to provide that was required, or that did not have the expected or promised result. Whether it’s malpractice or professional liability insurance you need, there are very specific types of risks, errors, omissions, and mistakes that are inherent with your profession that need to be considered when looking for the most-appropriate coverage.

Everyone likes to think the best of their work performance and that of their employees, but mistakes can and will happen. The best way to be prepared for the unthinkable is to have an Oklahoma errors and omissions insurance policy in place; the financial risk associated with errors and omissions losses is not covered by a general liability insurance policy. You and your customers will benefit from the assurance that these types of mistakes are covered. Contact Tulsa Family Insurance today to learn more about the best type of Errors and Omissions insurance policy for you.